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PICTURES, PICTURES, PICTURES!!! Advertising with pictures is by far the most productive means of advertising. People viewing ads on the internet want to SEE what is being advertised. They will look at the ads that contain pictures sooner than those that do not. This site is one of the most visited sites on the Internet which also increases your chances of making the sale.

Your ad will run until sold!

Take advantage of our current discounted ad prices!

For a short time, the following discounted advertising (one time costs) are being offered:

$20 - 6 weeks with 1 picture
$25 - 6 weeks with 2 pictures
$30 - 6 weeks with 3 pictures
$35 - 6 weeks with 4 pictures
$45 - 6 weeks with up to 12 pictures

Pay by: Check or Money Order

Because of all the credit card fraud on the internet, for your protection,
we are no longer accepting credit/debit cards or paypal.


We charge a small advertising cost to keep our system from getting scam type ads. The buyers have quit using the free sites because the overseas scam artists are now placing phony ads just to take advantage of the buyers. Our system keeps those overseas scammers from placing ads with us so the buyers know our ads are all legitimate. Our system also monitors the messages being sent and stops all scam artists from contacting our advertisers. We now keep a file of these scam artists and do not let them send emails through our system. You will not find this type of security in any other system on the internet.

We are doing this because of the large number of people looking at our ads and we want to have a large selection in all areas for them to check out. So if you want to sell it, now is the time to list it. Pictures with the ads is what has made this system so popular for the buyers and those are the people you want viewing your ad.

To advertise an RV for sale, simply fill in all of the information requested below and click the button at the bottom of the form. We will capture this information and notify you of your ad id # and the mailing address for payment if paying by check or money order.

We know you may be in a hurry to have your ad available for others to see so after placing your ad and placing your payment in the mail, just send us an email to: along with your ad # and your contact phone number and a request to start your ad. We will then activate your ad so that it can be viewed online right away. We are doing this on the honor system so WE MUST receive your payment within 5 days or the ad will be removed and cannot be placed again. If you have emailed us pictures, we will place your pictures with your ad the same day we receive the payment for the ad.

To view items in selection boxes, simply click on the arrow to the right of the box.
If the MFG or Class of RV you wish to advertise is not listed, please send us email and let us know and we will consider adding it to the list.

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